Envision Mechanical Services believes that Safety is the Key and all injuries can be prevented. We are vitally concerned about the losses which can result from on-the-job accidents, both for the individual and the company. Therefore, the prevention of accidents is a major company objective, requiring the active and sincere cooperation of all employees.

Envision Mechanical Services’ Project Managers, Superintendents and field staff all recognize the importance of maintaining a safe and clean worksite. Total accident prevention can only be accomplished through the coordinated efforts of all employees. It is our policy that no job or service performed by an employee is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed the safest way. We will never sacrifice the health or safety of anyone affiliated with our projects, a commitment backed by our top management. That commitment is shared by our field management team members and supervisors who are trained and empowered to support injury and incident-free work.

At Envision Mechanical Services, we also believe that safety is the foundation for quality craftsmanship and productivity. We consider every angle, leaving nothing to chance whenever possible. We train our project leaders to identify existing and potential job hazards, and to raise awareness among employees so they will work safely in every situation. Ultimately, the success of our safety and health program is realized through our education and training programs that motivate cooperation from each employee. Worker support and commitment has enabled us to achieve incredible results. We sustain our long-term commitment to safety by establishing and enforcing all necessary procedures.

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